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Goal Crusher

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Discover The Most Effective Strategy To Crush Your New Year Resolutions And Turn Your Goals Into Reality!

The common meaning of goal is something that any person wishes to achieve but only we ourselves can truly define our unique goals to ourselves. Throughout the civilization of the human race, every achievement originates from the ideas and efforts of our ancestors. 

Since then, many individuals have gathered and aspired to achieve goals in their respective fields. In each generation, we have found  meanings of our lives in our different goals when we possess the desire to achieve a certain purpose in life. 

By all means, we will use our best efforts to achieve these goals. Then, these achievements, in turn, inspire the next generation to improve and achieve more than our predecessors have succeeded.



As it is subjective to define a person’s goal to another, the chances for a person achieving his/her goal can depend on various factors as shown by multiple research from various fields of study. While some pursuits of success are limited by certain factors, there are others whose success grows on different factors.

Industry experts, business people, motivational speakers, entrepreneurs have all shared their knowledge, methods and skills with us to achieve our targets or emulate their success. 

Despite that, many have often overlooked the importance of setting their goals clear enough to utilize the information and skills they possess effectively.

Below are the chapters that you are about to explore:

  • Chapter 1: The Truth about Goals
  • Chapter 2: The Power Of Goal Setting
  • Chapter 3: Goal Crushing Techniques
  • Chapter 4: Reasons Of Failures
  • Chapter 5: Goal Crushing Shortcuts
  • Chapter 6: Short Term Goals and Long Term Goals
  • Chapter 7: Balancing Your Life
  • Chapter 8: Successful Mindset Conditioning